Just when the market is beginning to recover, a friend’s wallet got hacked a week ago with all his crypto assets and investments wiped out.

A lot of us got into this crypto space with the high hopes of making money and possibly build generational wealth out of it. But what happens if one day you wake up to discover your wallet has been hacked. I know you would be like “STOP IT, GOD FORBID”
Crypto or no crypto, sad, unplanned occurrences we do not pray for are bound to happen. It is the reality of life and if it happens, what do we do? Many times, victims go into depression, some are unable to recover, worse case scenario, some resort to committing suicide.
Insurance in this space is highly underrated, people lose their assets without ant form of reimbursement. It could be wallet hack, liquidation from a bad trade. Regardless, I think it is necessary to have an insurance scheme in the crypto space.
Centiiv has deemed it fit to insure you against sad occurrences. We also do not pray it happens, but if it does, trust that we have got you covered. Centiiv pay mobile app is currently under development with this powerful insurance feature being one of the benefits you would enjoy if you are part of the ecosystem. Being a holder of the CNT token is a sure way to getting insured against unplanned occurrences.

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Thanks for staying with us.


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