Everyday, the world keeps getting better and advanced with technology. If you’re still stuck with editing Java codes and working with Power Builder, you’re living in the past and need to level up, this is where new revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain comes in.

Blockchain technology is one of the revolutionary technologies you should consider going into. It’s still in its infancy and you could take a step ahead of others before it’s fully grown.

The popularity of Blockchain technology increases everyday and so is the reason to dive into it. Although Blockchain technology hasn’t really been able to move beyond the scope of cryptocurrencies, it is not limited to the sector alone.

On the other hand, it is reasonable for a beginner to have doubts like “is blockchain worthy of learning?” you don’t have to worry if you’re having such doubts, you’re on the right track. The gradual increase of Blockchain applications also points out why you should consider it.


A Blockchain is a collection of records linked with each other, strongly resistant to alteration and protected using cryptography. In simple terms, it’s a distributed database that everyone can get a copy of. Every person with a copy can add new records to the database but cannot change any record.

Reasons To Consider Blockchain

  • Career opportunities: Blockchain has high potential of transforming different sectors and creating various promising employment opportunities. Even at its infancy stage, Blockchain has many career opportunities which are definitely going to grow more in coming years. The skill gap in the Blockchain technology industry is very high and job trends in Blockchain keep increasing. The Blockchain market is expanding at a very fast pace and there is no signs of slowdown in the growth. There are many career paths in Blockchain to consider going into, some of them are; Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain UX designer, etc.



Blockchain for Africa

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