Remittance Challenges In Africa and How Centiiv is Revolutionising the Sector

Challenges Of Remittance In Africa

  • High transfer fees: The transfer fees for sending funds across Africa is discouraging to anyone who’s trying to send money to a neighboring country. Imagine having to add almost half of the money you’re about to send as “transfer fee”, you will probably dead the thought of proceeding with the transfer.

How Centiiv Is About To Revolutionize The Sector

  • Use of Blockchain Technology: Blockchain presently is commonly believed to be restricted to just cryptocurrency which is quite wrong, Blockchain technology can still be utilized in other sectors like; healthcare, logistics and even banking. Centiiv is coming in to make good use of the Blockchain technology to avert the challenges Africans experience while transferring funds by making the transaction seamless as much as it can be.



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