Safety Tips For Crypto Newbies

2 min readMay 31, 2022


Security is very important in crypto, and you shouldn’t joke about it. You just got some crypto assets, and now you have to keep them safe to avoid being a victim of hacking,

Here are some safety tips to help you.


Your private key is absolutely your crypto wallet’s lifeline, and you shouldn’t make it known to anyone you deem untrustworthy.

You can write them in your private pad or jotter and make sure it’s not accessible to a third party. This will help you steer clear of malware or hacker attacks.

Ensure Your Device Is Secured

Always make regular checks to be sure if your antivirus is up-to-date, as well as other security options. It takes just a little slip in your security to have your device hacked. You can also make your personal research and learn basic cybersecurity.

Avoid Malicious Websites

Do not click on any link you see online or sent to you by a random person. You must be vigilant at all times as some of these links might mess up your device security and make it possible for hackers to have their way.

Protect Your Identity

Do not divulge in any conversation that’ll require you to give personal information about yourself. Pins, phone numbers, email addresses and even your mother’s maiden name should not be shared with just anyone.

You should be careful of any transaction that involves giving any of the details mentioned, if you don’t feel right about a deal, always pull the plug.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

This is an additional layer of security. It may seem stressful but it’s necessary for crypto security. This setting requires you to enter a verification code sent to your trusted device whenever you’re trying to make a transaction from your wallet, this makes it difficult for hackers to intervene and steal your funds.

Bonus tips

Keep your mouth closed about your digital wealth.

Don’t post your wallet addresses online.

Choose a strong password for your crypto wallet.

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