People have asked and will continue to ask questions about what the future holds in a digital economy.

We have in recent times continued to witness an increase in the digital connection among people, businesses, governments, devices, data, and processes just to mention a few.

As the digital landscape continues to change, people and businesses are seeking opportunities to scale and reinvent themselves to ensure they remain relevant in the ever-changing world.

While some ambiguities persist, organisations are looking for different ways to help demystify the ambiguities around critical technologies that are poised to shape the African economy. One of such is Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technologies have been finding real-world utility across Africa and the world at large over the last few years.

The concept of blockchain is still getting traction daily and use-cases are still being understood as innovators and innovation ecosystems define new ways of bringing blockchain technologies into the real world.

What we can be certain of is that these technologies have immense potential for addressing some challenges that Africa faces.

As much as most African countries are doing well in the area of cryptocurrency, we must never evade the fact there is a need to do more in the area of Blockchain technology as far as Africa is concerned.

Also, as the continent that houses most of the third world countries in the world, fusing blockchain into the economic system will go a long way in positioning Africa for economic prosperity.

Hence, the ecosystem of Centiiv products is designed to address these accordingly.

To achieve this aim, Centiiv has developed a utility token ($CNT) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to power an ecosystem of technologically driven solutions in different sectors of Africa’s economy.

The use cases of Centiiv are built to satisfy the everyday life of Africans. The actualization of Centiiv’s roadmap will help solve major problems facing Africa around commerce, transportation and logistics, financial technology (Fintech) and Technological incubation.

The Centiiv token ($CNT) is the unique currency that will be powering the activities within the ecosystem both directly and indirectly.

Below are a few use cases of Centiiv Token ($CNT)

1. Centiiv Pay: This is the payment platform where users get to carry out the seamless transfer of funds across Africa and payment of utility bills.

Also, it is the platform that would allow users to earn passive incomes through its investment and savings feature. Africans can invest in business ventures in agriculture, real estate, oil and gas and so on.

2. Centiiv Marketplace: This is the intended peer to peer eCommerce platform where buyers and sellers would meet to transact and leverage the blockchain to ensure a safe and successful transaction/trade.

Here, users will be able to make purchases on the platform by spending their Centiiv token from their wallets.

Also, the $CNT token would be staked by sellers as proof of authenticity of the products

they are selling, this is to protect the buyer from buying counterfeit products.

3. Centiiv Mobility: This is the intended platform where we act as a third party to vehicle owners and hired riders.

Centiiv Mobility is the platform to achieve security and transparency for private individuals who are looking to do mobility or logistics as a side business.

With the use of our decentralised application, we would enable a transparent environment that would ensure security and steady income thereby creating wealth and jobs for Africans.

You download our white paper to find out more about $CNT and centiiv road map

Centiiv is on a mission to bridge the gap between blockchain and the people with the primary aim of creating wealth for Africans.

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